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The true joy of helping others achieve their dreams and become better people at the same time is what really drives DJ Thielen. Having passion, excitement for life, and a positive outlook is something he believes anyone can have. DJ’s humble beginnings and struggles growing up with a single mom and no dad in the picture, having to walk everywhere because mom never drove, running the streets, and just having enough to get by has helped shape his thinking and taught him that Gratitude is one of the most important things to have in life. DJ said, “Before my mom passed away in 2010 she told me to never stop being the generous giver that I am and I will honor that until the day I die. I’ll do this by giving to others that are less fortunate, speaking life into those in need, and giving the help to anyone who will listen how they can create lasting change in an instant.”

By forming certain daily habits he’s realized how wonderful and amazing things show up in his life on a regular basis and he wants to share this with the world. Being able to share a universal success formula in a simple way is a big reason people from all over the world come to see DJ speak and listen to his webinars and podcasts.

DJ currently lives with his beautiful wife and family in the Los Angeles, California region that has always been his dream. He’s an ex-professional baseball player with the San Francisco Giants organization and regularly speaks at Real Estate events, schools, and inspirational events. He is also the CEO of Fortune Foreclosures LLC, and he and his partner’s revolutionary Academy, Flipping On Demand, is taking the world by storm and being called the “Evolution of Home Flipping” by Real Estate experts all over the world.

" I can't wait to work with you and help you GET IN THE GAME!


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Fourtune Foreclosures, LLC

Flipping On Demand , LLC

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